An All-Inclusive Camp Management Solution. Intuitively designed, comprehensive, and customizable.

As a camp director, you wear a lot of hats. You have to constantly juggle conflicting priorities with limited resources. The competitive environment has intensified, parent expectations continue to rise, children’s needs and concerns require more of your attention, and a new generation of staff is craving more frequent feedback. Isn’t it time you rewarded yourself and made your life a little easier? For a small investment, Bunk1 will help you to streamline your operation to improve efficiency, decrease the administrative burden, enhance communication with your customers, facilitate relationship building, increase marketing effectiveness, and provide your parents with a better camp experience.Our new, All-Inclusive Camp Management solution is elegantly designed by former camp and program directors. It’s modern and sophisticated, yet intuitive to use. We understand how unique your camp is so we’ve incorporated maximum customization and flexibility.

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Online Registration

Simplify the experience for new and returning customers. With our online registration, it’s easy for your website visitors to sign up for camp. Create as many custom built applications as you need and provide your customers with a user-friendly form. Edit your applications at anytime and preview before you make them available to your customers. We will even build your first application for you!

  • Streamline your enrollment process
  • Choose to accept online payment or require payment by check
  • Decide how registrations are handled by your database
  • Receive all payments directly to your own merchant account

Camp Scheduling

Camp Scheduling is a flexible, easy to use online system that helps organize your camp’s summer program and meet any scheduling needs.


  • Custom Scheduling Made Easy
  • Auto-Scheduling
  • Schedule by both group and individual camper
  • Define days, periods, activities, capacities, restrictions, etc.
  • Complete set of reports – master, cabin, activity attendance, individual schedule
  • Trip and Special Event Scheduling
  • Table Assignments and Phone Reservations

Camp Management

The “back office” provides camp administrators with the ability to effectively manage all data from one platform. With enrolled families, leads, alumni, staff, and vendors all in the same place, Bunk1 gives you the ability to:

  • Create Cabin Assignments – With a simple drag and drop, you’ll be done with cabin assignments in no time!
  • Manage Inventory – Set desired stock levels, preferred vendors, and previous pricing to keep track of all inventory
  • Manage your Camp Store – Add purchases and set thresholds to notify parents of a depleting account
  • Manage Finances and Invoicing – Send individual or mass invoicing to your parents, allow parents to login and make a payment, and export your financial data to QuickBook’s
  • Manage your Camp Store – Add purchases and set thresholds to notify parents of a depleting account
  • Organize Transportation – Manage buses or pick-ups from the database
  • Send Mass Communication and Log Individual Correspondence – Run an email marketing campaign directly from Bunk1’s platform or track correspondence with each family
  • Schedule Campers – Streamline the process for scheduling campers in elective activities
  • Run Comprehensive Reports – Get the information you need emailed directly to you without even logging into the system. Set up Quick Reports to have rich reports at your fingertips.
  • Customize your Database – With unlimited custom fields, your database can look exactly how you want it to.
  • Hire Staff, Send Contracts & Monitor Salary Advancements – Use the same system for your staffing needs and have all records seamlessly integrated into your database.